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Crouching Kitten, Hidden Hippo

14 April 1972
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PsychoKat... I have had a cat. Called Psycho. Go figure...!

Cybergoth living in East London. Married to steve_a23 with two cats.

I like music, clubbing, shopping, reading and writing. Going to various music festivals around Europe makes me happy... I live for live music.

I'm in a band with my husband (vocals/songwriting/programming etc) and our friend Rik on keyboards... me, I like to hit things! We have a self-released debut EP, High:Definition:Violence. But this is us, check it out:


I like pink things, sparkly things and scary things! And watch far more Spongebob Squarepants than is healthy.

Add me... don't... whatever! If we have interests in common I'll likely add you back! But please leave a comment for me if I don't know you in real life.

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